May 16, 2020

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Dr. Leonard Jeffries - Analysis of The Booker T. Washington Era 1895-1915

Dr. Gabriel Oyibo - A Black Man the Greatest Mathematician

Blacks Must Wake Up -
Dr. Betty Shabazz - Dr. Betty Shabazz Speaks
Ruby Dee - Ruby Dee Speaks
Dr. Charles S. Finch III - Africa the Birth of Science and Technology
Dr. Charles S. Finch III - The African Origins of Christianity
Dr. Richard King - Conversations with the Elder Dr. Richard King, Dr. Ben, and Professor James Small
Dr. Asa Hilliard - The Education Our Children Deserve
Dr. Ivan Van Sertima - Black Women in Antiquity
Dr. John Henrik Clarke - Education for Liberation
Dr. John Henrik Clarke - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. After the Dream
Dr. John Henrik Clarke - The African Impact on America and the Caribbean Islands
Dr. Runoko Rashidi - The Centralization of Africa In World History
Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan - Africa Light Of The World
Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan - Dr. Ben Speaks
Dr. Marimba Ani - State of the Black World Conference Part 1
Dr. Josef Ben Levi
Dr. Amos Wilson - Developing the Undeveloped Minds of Children of African Ancestry
Dr. Leonard Jeffries - The Weekly UAM Forum
Dr. Leonard Jeffries & Professor James Small
Dr. Leonard Jeffries and Friends
Dr. Leonard Jeffries - The African World Experience From The African Perspective
Dr. Leonard Jeffries - An Overview Of African History
Dr. Leonard Jeffries - Sun People Vs Ice People
Dr. Wade Nobles - From Sankofa To Enyimyam
Dr. Gabriel Oyibo - April 7 2002
Dr. Gabriel Oyibo - Professional Interactions
Prof. James Small - How Europe Conquered Africa
Prof. James Smalls Lecture
Khalid Muhammad - Last Speech
Interview with Minister Mengue M'Anaba Eka-Abila
Interview with Abuna Nathaniel Joshua Shiloh
Latim Selassie - Divine Conception
Dick Gregory - Who Killed Dr. King?
Kaba Kamene - UAM Presents Kaba Kamene 12-17-98
Sybil Williams-Clarke - Celebrating the Life of Dr. John Henrik Clarke
Steve Cokely - V A M Presents Steve Cokely
Omali Yeshitela - Power To The People
Minister Clemson Brown - Artifacts of Slavery
Minister Clemson Brown Speaks

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