Dr. Ishakamusa Barashango

Rev. Ishakamusa Barashango's first lecture at the Slave Theater addressed the propriety of Africans celebrating European Holidays. He examined the racist origins and nature of those holidays in a manner which examined European history, culture, economics and politics.

This range of knowledge coupled with an African theological base demonstrates critical research and analysis. Given this backdrop, he has been an author and lecturer for over 25 years. He has traveled widely and has lectured and conducted seminars on an untold number of college campuses. These travels have also enabled him to gain empirical knowledge about the mores, customs, beliefs and habits of Africans, young and old, rural and urban.

As the Co-founder and creative director of the Fourth Dynasty Company of Silver Springs, MD, he has catapulted to the vanguard of scholarly research on matters of vital importance to Africans at home and abroad. This entrepreneurial venture has been inspired by a thirst for liberation instead of a profit motivation.

His published works include: " African People and European Holidays - A mental genocide Books 1 & 2 " God, the Bible, and the Black Man's Destiny " African Woman - The Original Guardian Angel " African Genesis - Amazing Stories of Man's Beginnings He successfully completed his undergraduate education at Oakwood College in Huntsville, Alabama. His pursuit of a Master's Degree occurred at Northeastern Seminary in Takoma Park MD. His honorary doctorates are from the Sankore Institute of Texas Southern University and the College of Doctors of the New Afrikan University Network System.

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