Dr. Charshee McIntyre

Dr. Charshee Charlotte Lawrence-McIntyre was born in Andover, Massachusetts, raised in Boston and resided in New York City with her husband Makanda Ken McIntyre. They have 2 sons, Ken Jr. "Kaijee" is a bank vice president in corporate real estate and Kheil, is a bank vice president in financial analysis of media and an independent music producer/manager.

Educationally, Dr. McIntyre attended Central State University and graduated Summa cum laude from Wesleyan University with a major in African history and a Phi Beta Kappa Key. She received her Masters and Ph.D. degrees from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. She is a full professor at the State University of New York at Old Westbury. She also has taught at City College of New York and Rutgers University in New Jersey.

Dr. McIntyre's highly acclaimed book, Criminalizing a Race - Free Blacks During Slavery is into its 3rd printing. She has also authored, The Creative Process - A Study Guide to African American Music with assistance from her husband. She is pursuing challenging projects including the examination of "The African, European and Native American world views and God concepts and their influence on the cultural/historical development of Africans and researching the male/female complementary principle from Egypt throughout the African diaspora to see what traces exist." In the African Community in America that can be employed to enhance our relationships and our survival.


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